Tire Technical Terminology

No one knows Hi-Performance Sand Tires better than SMI Motorsports! We understand this is a serious investment and created this page to help you understand all of the options available to you.

When it comes to Hi-Performance sand traction, no one does it better than Skat-Trak. With today’s Hi-Performance and highly customized machines it’s more important than ever to have the right size of tire and paddle combination matched to your type of riding and/or racing. Skat-Trak’s time-tested designs have evolved into the best on the market today!

Here are the different buffing options available:

Standard Buff (AKA - Single Buff or 3/4 Buff) This is where only the tread is buffed off of the tire, the sidewall isn't touched. These tires are the least expensive, more durable, but are heavier than the other buffs.

Bead to Bead Buff (AKA - Double Buff, B2B or Mid-Light) This is where the entire tread is removed and the sidewall of the tire is buffed down to minimize rotating mass to maximize rear wheel horse power without compromising durability. It’s lighter than standard buffs and more durable than the super lights. The best performance balance between the three buffs for duning and racing.

Super-Light Smooth Buff (AKA - Triple Buff, SLS, Drag-Light or Ultra-Light) This is similar to the B2B buff but even more material is removed to create the lightest tire possible. This gives you a very light tire but more fragile and can puncture much easier than the other two buffs. You can dune them, but you have to be a bit more careful of rocks and tree roots when duning and doing tree shots! This tire is super light-weight and will provide maximum rear wheel HP!

Roll Out and what it means:

(RO) is the term used to describe the circumference of a tire; it is a simple measurement of the distance traveled by one complete revolution of the tire. Tires are more accurately described by RO because each different tire brand/model varies in actual size depending on the manufacturer. A “22 inch” tire doesn't always measure 22", they can vary a LOT in actual size. A set of 22" Skat-Trak’s are usually between 70 and 74 RO. Different tires are buffed down to make each set have the same RO but they are still considered 22" tires. The actual size difference is quite a bit, the 70's are really 22.2", the 74's are 23.5", it all depends on the tire carcass that Skat-Trak starts with.

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